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My First Crochet Sweater

March 24, 2018

Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to crochet.  I had tried many years ago, and gave up because I couldn’t keep the tension right.  It had been long enough that I forgot whatever issues I had that made me quit the first time.

Y’all, YouTube is awesome! There is a how-to video for just about anything you may want to learn how to do.  I began with basic stitches, graduating to a basic hat/scarf combo.

Feeling pretty confident with my new skills, I googled “free crochet sweater patterns” and came across the Stonewash Shrug (link:  The title summed up everything I was looking for “Lightweight + Easy Crochet Shrug – Free Pattern.”  PERFECT!! Just what I need! Lightweight because South Florida; easy because duh.  Sign me up!  Plus look how cute it is!!

I bought the printable pdf.  Sorry, but I like paper.  I like to have the instructions readily available without having to fight with a laptop/mouse with a pug on my lap.  It just does not work.  The pattern is well written and I was able to follow it without having to look up too many things, which is expected given my lack of experience.

Y’all, I have a large stash of yarn, because like a lot of us, I cannot walk out of a craft or fabric store without a whole bunch of supplies that aren’t designated for any specific project…yet.  Instead of purchasing the yarn called for in the pattern, I figured I could just go with any ol’ yarn I wanted to.  So, out of my yarn stash, I chose Loops & Threads brand  in Rainbow Bright.

I love how colorful it is and thought it would make a wild/fun cover-up that would go with lots of the tops I own.  I know.  My fashion sense is not like everyone else’s, to put it politely.  That never bothered me, and still doesn’t.  I grabbed my yarn and hook and dove right in.  Obviously, Owen helped.



So, here’s the final product….

So, I guess I’m not a Large?

This is not how I imagined it would turn out.  And it is definitely NOT the fault of the pattern creator.  Turns out, I ignored/missed several key bits of information that were spelled out right in front of my face.  Let’s Itemize my lessons learned.  And laugh at my sweater a bit more.  Because we can.

Lesson Learned #1: I am not a “L/XL” in this pattern.  She very clearly provided measurements for each size (see below quote directly from her pattern) that I completely ignored.  I will not do that again.

This pattern is easily customizable. Notes are included in each section on how to adjust sizing. Sample pictured is a size S/M.

S/M: Length from shoulder to bottom of sweater when worn: 35”
Total width from wrist to wrist: 54.5”

L/XL: Length from shoulder to bottom of sweater when worn: 40”
Total width from wrist to wrist: 60.5”



Lesson Learned #2: If you decide not to use the prescribed yarn called for in the pattern, be sure to compare/verify/account for the gauge.  This information was also provided very clearly, which I also completely ignored.

I went out and bought a ball of the suggested yarn for the pattern (Lion Brand Jeans) and tested the gauge.  Clearly, there is a difference that should have been accounted for which just added to the large “size” discrepancy.

Lesson Learned #3: Just because the yarn is weighted at 4 Medium, doesn’t mean it’s really the same “weight”.  The Jeans yarn is thinner and MUCH softer.  Ideal for a “lightweight sweater”. Sigh.

Lesson Learned #4: When using a multicolored yarn, counting your stitches MATTERS, even more than normal.  Notice that one of my sleeves looks like the rest of the sweater and the other one has this REALLY COOL PATTERN THAT HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT?

Yeah, it would have been cool had I realized what I did so it could have been replicated on the other sleeve. Oh well.

Bottom line: even though it didn’t turn out as I wished, I’m glad I went through the process because I learned a lot.

Anyone out there who’s tall with long arms want it?  Leave me a comment and we’ll work something out!


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