July 4, 2018

As my title suggests, I bought a pressure cleaner!! I’m so excited about it that I had to share.  I’d been wanting one for a few years now and I finally decided to just buy the thing. It’s a Troy-Bilt 2800PSI and I LOVE IT!!!  Here’s some photos of it in all its glory.  Please ignore my garage and the mess it contains, we’re working on that.

Wouldn’t it figure that it would go on to rain continuously for the next three weekends preventing me from playing with my new toy. And to add to the frustration, the HOA sent us a Violation notice because the driveway is dirty. Really? I KNOW. That’s why I bought this thing!!!  Here’s the photo they sent to rub it in.

Finally, it stopped raining so I was able to try it out. I am in love.  It is remarkably satisfying to watch the concrete become so bright and clean in a strategic linear pattern.  Makes my heart happy!

And here’s what it looks like once complete, with Owen performing Quality Control.  The Troy-Bilt is so easy to use, and just look at the results!!

After the driveway was complete, we moved on the the back stoop.  Here’s some before and during shots.

And after.  SO BRIGHT!!

Yes, those are feral cat houses and food for our outside babies.  We (Owen’s dad really) were instrumental in setting up a TnR program in our neighborhood to help with our large feral cat colonies.  Luckily, our county will spay and neuter ferals for free, as long as you trap them and bring them to animal services yourselves.  The county will return them to the address provided after about 24 hours.  As of now, our current cats (+/- 60 in the whole neighborhood) have all been fixed.  We take care of about 8 ourselves here.  Owen is cool with it.

So yes, pressure cleaners are awesome. Thank you for reading.

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