Banana Pudding!

April 14, 2018

Banana Pudding.  This is probably the best tasting thing I know how to make.  It’s also super easy.  I found the original recipe in a church cookbook that belonged to my Grandma.  I’ve tweaked it a bit after making it a few times.  I make this for pretty much every potluck we go to.  It’s so good that if I show up without it, folks threaten to send me home.

The picture above shows the main ingredients needed.  Start by slicing up all the bananas.

Then, in a big bowl, mix the pudding per the instructions on the box.  Use a whisk to get rid of lumps.

Once your pudding is lump free, mix in the sweetened condensed milk.

Next, fold in the “whipped topping”.  This takes a while.  I put the whipped topping in the fridge the night before so it’s softer and easier to mix in.  I end up using a whisk when it’s almost done to, once again, break up the lumps.  Yeah, not a fan of lumps in food.

Once that’s ready, it’s time to layer it up in your serving container.  I like the big “disposable” containers because the pudding fits and it’s easy to transport.  So it doesn’t look as pretty as it could, but I’m practical.  It makes life easier for me.  Start with the cookies, then the bananas, then the pudding mixture. Keep it up until the container is full with the last layer being the pudding mixture.

I refrigerate it overnight. This allows all the flavors to blend together.   This matters.  It really makes a difference.

And now, for my (and Owen’s) favorite part: LICKING THE BOWL!  I don’t care how grown you are, this is awesome.

Don’t worry, he didn’t have too much.  I cleaned that bowl out pretty well myself before giving it to him.  So without further ado, here’s the recipe in photo form for saving and trying yourselves.  Thanks for giving this a read.


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